5 original theme party ideas for adults

5 original theme party ideas

5 original theme party ideas for adults, Adult parties can be a lot of fun, original theme party ideas for adults but how do you avoid falling into the typical boring party where people just go to eat and drink?

There are many alternatives and themes of all kinds to make a different party in which people dance, have a lot of fun and are excited to be invited.

If you are thinking of organizing an original theme party for adults and want to do something different, you have to read this article. In epicpartystore.com we give you 5 original themed party ideas for adults. What are you waiting for to organize your own party? 

1 Hippie themed party

One of the best ideas for original themed parties is that of the hippie movement. The 1960s automatically takes us back to the hippie cultural movement, known worldwide. Every adult knows them, as well as his icons and representatives of music above all. Is all peace, love, and having fun right?

Recreating this theme is super fun and simple: round glasses, peace symbols, feathered accessories, flower head wreaths, baggy pants and colorful vests. Don’t forget the red cups and black lights, you can even have cool colourful paintings to decorate the scene.

It is very easy to find the look quickly. Just rummage through your closet and you will surely find something to play with the combinations and get a very appropriate wardrobe with a free spirit. Also, if you are thinking of having your party outdoors, you can put a tent and decorate it with simple elements characteristic of this movement.

2 Party of decades: from the 50s onwards

If the hippie party of the 60s is a success, why not think about throwing the party of decades too? This theme is ideal, since they feel identified automatically and do not have to think too much about what to wear. From the 50s onwards, there are different trends in fashion and styles that strongly mark the different eras and evolution.

Here we discover the characteristics of each decade:

  • The 50s are characterized by pin-up fashion: flared and colorful knee-length dresses.
  • The 60s, the famous hippie fashion.
  • The 70s, the free style left by the movement of the previous decade: baggy pants, loose T-shirts, crop tops and prints.
  • The 80s, disco fashion: bright colors, tights and leggings in bright colors, leggings, high-waisted pants, bare shoulders and super voluminous hairstyles.
  • The 90s, necklines, jeans, checks and stripes.

 3 Mexican party, a hilarious theme

In our list of original themed party ideas, you cannot miss the Mexican party.
I mean come on, who doesn’t want to eat great food and have tequila shots all night? It is a theme that allows you to play with decoration, music and style.

At the front door you have to receive all your guests with a shot of tequila and some delicious spicy tacos, you will already feel in Mexico! Everyone should have their big, huge and colorful Mexican hat. As for the decoration of the environment, you could put colorful flowers and the typical mexican hats everywhere, a classic.

It would be enough to have a guitar for a singer or a group of mariachis to liven up the party all night. There is no doubt that the guests will love it and everything will have fun to the fullest. What are you waiting for to put on this fantastic party?

4 Hawaiian theme party

Aloha-wai! If you are thinking of having a party and the summer is close, this is the ideal theme for your party, you will transport your guests to the exotic Hawaiian island. Let’s hope the weather is good because this party should be done outdoors and if you have a pool, even better!

Good summer cocktails, with exotic alcohol and many colors in the glasses that your guests will love. Colorful flowery necklaces for everyone and skirts for women. A beach atmosphere, relaxed and very happy.

Do not forget to take a limbo and make your guests play, you can even put a prize for the winner so you encourage them to play. Everyone has to have fun and have a good time!

5 Flamenco party in the Spanish style

If you want to organize a party with a lot of culture you can do it in the Spanish style. It will allow you to decorate the environment with striking colors such as red, polka dots and you can give fans for everyone. Transporting your guests to Seville with the typical and fun Spanish flamenco will be very simple.

Women should dress in ruffled, polka dot, black and red dresses, heavily made up and with flowers on the head. The men will dress in suits, in black and red too, with a wide belt and a hat on their heads. In addition, you can serve food such as Spanish tapas, as well as sangria … delicious!

In our list of original theme party ideas for adults, the Spanish one could not be missing. Your guests will surely have a lot of fun and they will be excited to go to a party of this style where they will dance, drink and be entertained with some classic Spanish tapas. Doesn’t that sound fun?

If you want to find products for your theme party, visit our shop at www.epicpartystore.com.

Have fun.

5 original theme party ideas for adults
5 original theme party ideas for adults

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