How to have a fun sleepover

How to have a fun sleepover

Read this article and you will learn How to have a fun sleepover with your friends And it is that this type of party admits everything, from being a children’s celebration to a teenage party or a slightly crazy party. In this case, we will use it a bonding opportunity and to show off our pjs.

Be that as it may, if you want to organize a pajama party to surprise a friend for her birthday or celebrate yours or even celebrate one of these parties as a bachelorette party, in this article we offer you a series of tips on how to throw a fun sleepover.

What are pajama parties?

Well, yes, there is no Hollywood teenager movie that does not lack a pajama party with makeup, hairstyles, dancing, songs and, of course, watching scary or love movies eating popcorn or a huge ice cream bucket. A whole series of activities that may sound like a cliché but that we actually love to imitate to have the most fun and feel like a little queen of the party.

The funny thing is, that even though it’s called a sleepover, you guys will do the complete opposite of that, stay up all night, bonding, singing, and having a good time.

A party to not sleep and celebrate friendship.

Tips for a fun sleepover

If it is a children’s pajama party, you will have to reach an agreement with your daughter so that they fall asleep at a reasonable time for her age and start the celebration with an early dinner, play, sleep and the next morning they collect their things, have breakfast and return to home rested and fresh. It will be a way for them to take responsibility and enjoy an experience that will give them some autonomy.

In the case of a pajama party for teenagers, it will also be interesting to emphasize the need for them to be responsible and follow certain rules of behavior. Among the best ideas to make a fun pajama party we highlight:

  1. Choose an attractive theme

Throwing a themed pajama party will add some excitement to the party. It will be interesting to look for a theme that revolves all night, being a source of inspiration for pajamas, food, decoration, food, as well as all the activities that we can think of to organize to fill the night with fun. Thus, we can plan a vintage party from the 50s and imitate mythical pajama parties like Grease’s or decide to have a superhero and superheroine pajama party, princesses, mermaids or any other theme that allows us to make an original party and the most fun.

  1. Make a photocall

Create an area in which to have a thematic and personalized background in which to take all the photos of the night. You can start with a sheet of white or brown paper on which to paint all the motifs related to the party and make signatures or make a collage or a poster related to the theme of the party. In the case of the little ones, it will be better to opt for them to do the photocall themselves. A few finger paintings and your imagination are enough to have fun and the party is the most special.

  1. Host a candy bar

This is one of the most current trends in all kinds of events and celebrations and brings a unique point of style and glamor to your party. It does not have to be a candy stall and we can substitute part of them for fruits, nuts and resort to putting a chocolate fountain for dinner and breakfast and, for those with a sweet tooth, putting donut towers, lollipops and all that. Anything you can think of to give a touch of the sweetest to the pajama party is allowed.

3 games for a fun sleepover

  1. Organize a karaoke: 

For the first hours of the party, it is not plan to disturb the neighbors, we can organize a karaoke session with songs that go with the theme of the pajama party or make a list with the most fashionable themes of the time for everyone to dance. Also keep in mind the time of year when you organize it and choose Christmas songs or summer hits. Set the stage and don’t be ashamed to sing and dance.

  1. Pillow fight: 

They are two of the classics at pajama parties, but they are two of the most fun activities for both children and adults. Nothing is more fun and simple than building with sheets and bedspreads to make a fort, a house or a tent, all to the taste of the builder, to take refuge to tell scary stories, anecdotes or curious stories that keep us expectant and awake . To finish off this activity we can get into a pillow fight. And if our construction has fallen, it will be a matter of raising it again and continuing with our party.

  1. Pajama parade: 

Since we have made a special pajamas for that day, nothing better than organizing an activity in which all the guests parade with their pajamas to the rhythm of the music and we get a score to see which pajamas are the most pimp of the party or the most successful. A pajama parade in which we put grace and self-confidence to liven up the night and fill the night with more memorable moments. You can establish prizes or get a band to impose the winner or winners. A whole series of fun and unique moments to make the parade a most surprising activity.

With these ideas you can make your sleepover something memorable and have the most fun. If you want products to decorate your party, visit our site today.

How to have a fun sleepover
How to have a fun sleepover

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