How to organize a themed pool party

How to organize a themed pool party

This article will teach you How to organize a themed pool party full of fun games, good food and fun decorations.

  1. Start with a few rules. 

Although the rules can be boring, they help prevent things from getting out of hand. Set rules for the party and discuss them with your guest ahead of time. Include the number of guests. 10-20 is a good number (very important: if one person invites 2 people and another person invites 2 people and so on, you may end up with more than 50 guests). A very important rule, establish age standards, be sure you let them know ahead of time if its 18+ only meaning no kids allowed or that there will be an adult theme.

  1. Find a pool! 

Ask about pool rentals and if you can make decorations and bring food and drinks to the pool. Powered cleaning hoses are a lot of fun. Or you can go to a hotel with a pool (Endless pools are better). 

  1. Decide what the topic will be. 

Some ideas for pool or ocean themes include:




Tropical spa

Hawaiian Theme

Spring Break Style

Celebrity Theme

  1. Make unique and personalized invitations. 

Reflect the theme in the invitations. Be sure to include the date, start and end time, SRC (confirmation requested), and theme (for costumes). Have your guests dress according to the theme. A fun idea is black or white swimsuits with sunglasses for a famous celebrity and wealth theme. But don’t overdo it – a giant mermaid tail can be difficult to handle, and if no one is dressing up, that’s fine too – just have fun! You can let your guests choose their costumes or you can advise them on the invitations.

  1. Choose your music carefully. 

Make sure your music is appropriate to the theme. Think ukulele for a Hawaiian luau or maybe something dance or R&B for a celebrity theme.

  1. Get some good party food. 

Snacks are the best because you can eat a lot! Pizza, “the flagship food of the holidays”, is very good, but order it early so it arrives on time. Hungry guests won’t put you at the top of any Christmas list. To prepare hot dogs you don’t need a big grill, you can have a small table grill. If it’s someone’s birthday, you’ll want a cake too. Be considerate if some of your friends are vegetarian or vegan, and make sure you offer at least a few things for them to eat.

  1. Get the drinks! 

Nobody wants to be thirsty and bored, so let the cocktails be the center of attention.

  1. Includes fun decorations. 

Try to choose elements that go with the theme. You can use posters, balloons or pennants, just don’t let them get wet. Other items appropriate for a theme may include:

  • Posters and photographs
  • DVD Movies (Jaws?)
  • Props (fake palm trees!)
  • Decorations from movies, books …
  • Add some beach toys, umbrellas, and some buckets of cold water.
  1. Pick some games. 

Oh yeah, drinking games are going to be a huge part of the fun. Gather people into teams and have them batte each other throughout the party. This can also include dancing competitions, karaoke, and best outfit.


Try to make your guests have as much fun as possible. Don’t be snooty or formal, just relax and everyone will have fun.

If you don’t have a pool in your backyard, you could rent the local pool.

OPTIONAL. Going to a hotel pool is fine, as long as the hotel allows you to host a party.

Things you will need

  • Food and drinks such as: Drinks – Pizza – Cake – Sandwiches
  • Decorations
  • Candles
  • Balloons
  • Plastic beach ball
  • Water balloons
  • Swimming pool
  • Extra towels
  • Floats
  • Activities

Everything you need for your themed pool party can be found at, browse the site and have fun at the party of your dreams.

How to organize a themed pool party
How to organize a themed pool party

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